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Anyone know where I can download the SNL Weekend Update theme? I need it for a project I'm working on right now.
:lol: It's called the SNL weekend update theme song. :rolleyes:
If it helps any, I think most, if not all of the music (for skits, etc...) are original compositions done by their own personal in-house musicians. I remember seeing a special on SNL and they had to go to composers and write the music for the coming week's show. The musical directors from the show are Lenny Pickett and Leon Pendarvis.
I hope that someone is going to be able to help me with this... On the episode that was on last night, they had a sketch where the Trumpster owned a chicken wing restaurant, and in part of it people were singing a "jingle" (a take off of an old song, might have the words "jump in" in it). Does anyone know what the original is? I'm coming up with nothing...
The song was a parody of "Jump (for my love)" by the Pointer Sisters. Instead of Jump it was Trump. The best sketch of the night I thought!
I don't know if the suit Trump had on or the hatching chicks costumes were funnier!
I think the best part was Trump busting a move in the awesome suit with the chickens.... thanks
Anybody know which song Modest Mouse does this episode? about 45 mins into the episode...

45 minutes in I think it would have been the second single, "Ocean Breathes Salty."
Anybody know the music they use in the Donatella Versace Sketches? It's some sort of club/dance song. Also does anybody know the music they played right before commercials when they announced that Will Ferrell is next weeks host? Finally, what songs did System of a Down play during SNL?
Originally posted by Space Cataz@May 8 2005, 12:22 AM
what songs did System of a Down play during SNL?
One of them is "B.Y.O.B."
Do you remember any lyrics?

You could try listening to the clips on Amazon.
I think some of the lyrics were "I know her"
But it had a awesome keyboard solo in the beginning.