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Does anyone know the song in the Sandles resort commercial that has been airing lately? There are various shots of couples walking along beachs and the female singer beings, "For a moment like this, some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this, some people wait forever...". Couldn't really capture the rest of the lyrics. All help appreciated. Thanks. Alison.
That's Kelly Clarkson's song "A Moment Like This", but I haven't seen the ad so don't know if it's her singing. Audio sample here, track 11.
The song is called A Moment like this and this song was the first song that Kelly Clarkson released after winning American Idol but I have heard the commercial and I don't think that it is her singing in it.
:) Thanks for the info on "A Moment Like This" on Sandles resort commercial. I, too, don't think it was Kelli Clarkson (I listened to the clip), because the singer's voice is higher. Thanks, though--I found the song I was looking for, thanks to your response. Appreciate it. Alison.
It's definitely not Kelly.... when I heard it I laughed so hard because I'm so used to hearing her sing it. But I know her voice, and its not hers.
I saw a commercial for Sandals Resorts on TV last night, and heard a pop or rock type song during the commercial. It was a female artist. The person sounded like a Sheryl Crow or Alanis Morrisette.
If I hear it again, I'll post more information. Sorry this first post is sketchy.
Are you talking about the one with the song called "A Moment Like This"? It was originally sung by Kelly Clarkson clip (track 11), but it's not her singing on that commercial. I think it's probably someone that they used just for the commercial. Hope this helps!
Yes it does, Star!

If anyone happens to know who sings it in the commercial, that would be appreicated. Let's leave this open for another day or so. If no answers, go ahead and close it.

Thanks Star!

I was glad to find this site and this particular post. I am also interested in finding this particular musical piece. I also have doubts about the song [for the commercial] being performed by Kelly Clarkson: I listened to her version on the Internet, and the voice sounded "stronger"....whereas the voice in the commercial seemed "softer".

I've contacted Sandals Resorts via their website and inquired about the commercial. If/when I receive a response, I'll be sure to post again.