Sad Music Soundtracks including Choirs or Vocals


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How are you?

I'm new here, i've been searching for music for inspiration, but it's really hard to find this type of music, and don't know how to really describe it, so i will use some examples.
I need this for inspiration for a project.

So, what i need is to find, sad/melancholic Music, like the one composed by James Horner for Titanic. The ones with Sissel sings the sad vocals of the score.
I need sad/melancholic music with a woman singing in a sad way, here are some examples:

Titanic- A promise Kept: Titanic Soundtrack ~ A Promise Kept ~ As heard in the film - YouTube
Two steps from hell - Mercy in Darkness: Two steps from hell - Mercy in Darkness - YouTube
Passion of the christ - trailer music: The Passion of the Christ trailer Music - YouTube
Within temptation- Intro: Intro - The Silent Force - Within Temptation - YouTube
Assassin's Creed Theme: Assassin's Creed: Revelations Soundtrack - Assassin's Creed Theme (by Lorne Balfe) - YouTube

Any help it would be really really great.

Thank you so much.