Saab 9-3 XWD "Read the Road"


I would also like to know.

I filed an advertisement-information request with Saab, but have so far not received any response....

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I just saw this commercial and I'm in love with the song, as short as it is.

Anyone have any new information?
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WOW I have been searching for the song all day!:( it led me here.
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Thank you for your interest in Saab's new commercial. The artist in the
commercial is a studio singer hired for that
particular spot we did. To our knowledge, they do not have a CD out or any other

Unfortunately, we have not been able to obtain the name of the artist or the
song. We do know that the song is an
original piece of music written specifically for that TV spot and it is only
about 30 seconds in length.


Saab Internet Team

********** :) HELLO, I went to youtube, doing the same thing.. looking for this song, and there was a post about how the guy got to talk to some girl named stacey, who said that "Sloan" made the song, but :( we can't get it.. and lots of people have called about it :(
I'm sad.. :(
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I'm sad too.
Very sad thing that SAAB don't give us the name, so we can't write letter/e-mail to this composer that he did a great job and we want to hear more from this song and want to buy his works, like this.