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Whats the name of the song on the "rooms to go" commercial

(sussie may come out to play) goes somthing like that.
My guess is that it was written for the ad, since part of the song includes the words "Rooms To Go". ;)
Yeah, but I thought maybe it was a remix for the commercial.
Well that could be.. it does sound a little familiar, but I just did a lyric search and didn't find anything.. anyone else?
I sent an e-mail to Rooms To Go today asking them if they had information about the song. They wrote back and said that the song was called "Susie May" by a European Group called Varius Artists. The misspelling of "various" is theirs not mine. I tried to find if there was such a band, but I could not find anything. Perhaps someone else will have better luck.
Yes, thats the one. Wow, I never thought I was going to find that song. I asked the forum months ago but I never got a response. Nice find to all of you, especially adam 11!