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I'm looking for the music in the current Romanos Macroni Grill advert. The music sounds like the three tenors possibly??

Anyone give any pointers please? Trying to find the music for my wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks (my wife really likes it).

Don't think I've seen the spot... Do you remember any prominent instruments or maybe lyrics (even if a foreign language)?

What's happening in the ad?
I dont remember any instruments, it's mainly voices you can hear.

As far as what's going on, I keep concentrating on the music, so all I can remember is a party seated by the cooking area, with plates being passed over head.

Sorry not much help there
I am not sure in what regions of the country this commercial is playing (I am in OH) but there is a commercial for an Italian restaurant called Romano's Macaroni Grill that features a great song. It is kind of a techno beat with a male opera singer singing the melody. If someone knows the name or artist of this song it would be great. Thanks!
Some more information?

Thank you for taking the time to send us and email and for your interest in Macaroni

The music you are referring to in our latest marketing campaign was arranged especially
for Macaroni Grill. We are investigating the option of selling it as part of a compilation
of other Italian classics and we will send you an email with information as soon as it is

We again thank you for your interest in Macaroni Grill and we look forward to your next


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