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ok, so this is in scene music only, not found on OST. It's when the junkie (Quid) is playing the piano in the bar analogously describing the cigarette package to drugs. Classical piece, but for the life of me I can't find it. Anyone help me out?

This is also scene music only i am looking for music played during the sence where lenny is discover as the rat and Archy name all the name lenny ratted out
They've been running this movie on cable a ton here lately and there's a song that's driving me nuts, because it's NOT, I repeat, NOT listed in the soundtrack, the credits or trailer.

It's a song at the end credits after the "I'm a Man" ending riff by Black Strobe, and it's a funky dance track, that has a female vocal with it that sounds like she's saying ...'Kiss" or something similar. I can't find it anywhere and it's not listed as being on the soundtrack or music credits for the film, trust me, I've checked out every single song listed.

Any takers?
I'm bumping this post to add a video I made featuring the two songs I'm trying to identify from the ending credits of RocknRolla. They are NOT on the soundtrack or on the ending credits, and no one has any info as to who the artists are....

Follow the link, and if anyone has a clue, I'd really appreciate it !
Thanks !