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has anyone seen the ad for this season's final episode? it uses a cool song and the only thing i know about it is that mtv and vh1 use this song a lot and i would love to find out who does it.
it took me all day, but I was able to come up with an adjective to describe the song (god, I'm s-l-o-w!!!!!!). Ready? OK, here it goes: it sounds upbeat.
That's it, that's all I came up with.....
have the most recent episode on TIVO to watch, so I'm sure the ad is shown during it.. .I'll watch it soon and see if I can help any...
That's it!!!!! That's the one!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! How did you find this song???!!!
I browsed through a few listings of songs featured on MTV's 120 Minutes/Subterranian archives. MTV uses alot of Indie rock by unknown musicians, so it's really difficult to find the songs. Luckily, I found the song you wanted.
Thanks for the tip!! I think it is so interesting that I "discover" cool artists/songs not by the videos the channel plays (whenever they get to that!!! besides, they are all crap!!), but by the music they use as background on their stupid shows!!!