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Does anyone know what the song in that new Revlon commercial is? The commercial has Halle Berry in it and in the commercial she is being photographed by this guy and this woman.
yeah, i've been wondering about this commercial as well. it's part of revlon's new campaign. it's featured 2 minute mini movie that they first aired during the bachelor on april 7. i've seen it a few times and the music is very slow and jazzy. it has female vocals and i think she sings "i believe in love" a few times, and i think i even heard some french...i will be on the lookout for it again.
okay i just saw the commercial again, and it's airing on NBC throughout tonight. the lyrics went too fast, but i'll keep listening! now it's bugging me!! :blink:
Yeah i've just saw it a few minutes ago while I was watching the Apprentice.
haha yay...i was watching that too!! i'm kinda glad that blonde girl got fired...
Yeah she was kind of evil. And I think the black lady is purposely trying to screw up Kwame.
Yeah......I was gonna say something but..........oh well <_<
sucks being on the west coast on must-see Thursdays.. Gotta remember to stay off the 'net for fear of spoilers. :huh:
aww....hit us up when you've finished watching the show, michelle!
probably won't watch it til tomorrow anyway, i'm always behind.. TIVO helps me procrastinate on my TV viewing! :lol: So, blondy goes away huh? Eh, had it coming... Ego was getting too big.

Did anyone see Oprah today? Omarosa, Trump, Heidi and Erica were on. Omarosa came off as such a moron.
Revlon has the ad for viewing on their site. The site tells who the director is but says nothing about the music that I can find. I thought it was maybe a guy with a high voice when I saw it on TV but now I'm not sure.
I saw the Revlon commercial with Julianne Moore in it on TNT and it had the same song in it as the one with Halle Berry.
yeah, there are supposed to be four different commercials w/ four different women apparently...i looked on the website and they show it. i emailed the company since the phone-in hours are already over. that's how much this song is bugging me!!
Here's a link for the ads.

No clue on the song, I tried lyric searches but didn't get anything...
its a remix of a song called Night and Day....there are so many versions of it..i have one by sergio mendez