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There's a new commercial for Revlon Color Flow that plays a dance music number throughout with a voice coming in at the very end with some (indistinguishable) lyrics. Anyone know what I'm talking about who can help identify this? Thanks.
I'm not sure if we are thinking about the same commercial or not. but I am interested in knowing the music to a Revlon Color Stay lipstick. It's a fairly unremarkable commercial that I did not see in the list on youtube.

The music is as described by the previous poster. I'll also say that this is an older song that becomes recognizable near the end of the commercial.

Any info would be welcome.
I checked the YouTube Revlon stuff but, alas, didn't find the commercial there. Thanks for the suggestion. Still hoping to figure this one out. :huh:
The commercial has Halle Barry in it. I can't believe I forgot to mention that. It's Halle Barry with long hair.

I know exactly what commercial you are talking about, I cannot find answers to who sings that song anywhere! I even checked on Yahoo! answers and people keep thinking I'm talking about the "Bellissimo" bi Ilya commercial, but that was a pervious one Halle Berry did. Why is this so difficult to find? :cry: