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is the link to the semi-teaser trailer to the movie 'The Alamo'. The music I'm actually looking for is from the final trailer (the one that doesnt announce the alamo coming out on christmas even though it was released in April.)

Anyway, I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the music used was the same in both (although they may have just used different parts from the same track)

Does anyone remember or can even tell which song it is? It might even be a combination of several different musical pieces. Or even from the movie soundtrack itself, but I dont want to buy the soundtrack if its not in it.

So if you have the soundtrack and recognize it or know it from someplace else, please let me know.

If its any help, the music sounds an awful lot like the hanz zimmer style (crimson tide composer and etc..)
the trailer is made up of different songs, the first one is from the gladiator soundtrack which IS for hans zimmer. i'm not sure about the other songs, but according to, these are the songs used (including the gladiator one)
The Alamo (2003)
"Freedom Fighters" - Brand X
"Victorious" - Armen Hambar
Gladiator (2000) - Hans Zimmer
"Freedom Fighters" - Brand X
1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) - Vangelis
"Back Biter" - Pfeifer Broz. Music - Super Bowl Trailer
"Crush Fest" - Pfeifer Broz. Music - Super Bowl Trailer
hope this helps
That list helps immensely, although now I need to determine which were actually the songs I want.

for some reason that link i gave is now showing the theatrical trailer even tho I remember seeing the teaser there.

but i guess that's good, so I notice that there appears to be 4 parts to the trailer music.

0-1:05__ which seems to be Hans Zimmer's Gladiator (any idea which song on the soundtrack it is?)

1:07-1:50___ finishes with the guy saying "we will show the world what patriots are made of" the music is some kind of a slightly moderate progressive choral arrangement.

1:53-2:12___ slightly more rapid choral progession (the battle is starting and the guy is saying his "each minute, each second" speech)

2:13-end____ final fastpaced musical progressive ("death is for tomorrow gentlemen")

I'm trying to find out what those latter three parts are. Listen to the trailer and if you happen to recognize it, let me know which song it is (from the gladiator soundtrack or from the rest of the list at

And thanks again for the help by finding that list, that was the bulk of my problem.
Ok that piece that goes from 1:07-1:50ish is by Brand X and is called Freedom Fighters Version 1. I found it at thanks to someone from a different chain.

Now I need to know how I can get ahold of the album which is Brand X's first compilation Volume 1.

Here is the info from the site in case you dont want to bother trying to find it:

Album: Brand X Music Catalogue Volume 1 --- Track 2 --- 01:09
Description:Dramatic Sweep, Epic Theme
Genres: Epic
Composer: John Anthony Sponsler Jr. & Tom Gire
Publisher: Stone Free Music (BMI)

Anyone know anything about these albums or the other two pieces in the trailer?
i believe the song is "the battle" from the gladiator soundtrack. yep, i can confirm it (just heard the song as i was typing)
i can confirm that the song is from 'the battle'. thanks for the help. now that leaves the last three parts, BrandX and then the other two I dont know. Anyone know of a way to get ahold of BrandXs first volume?