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I'm looking for the song that is in the combined movie trailer for focus features. it's the traile combination with swimming pool, the pianist, far from heaven, eternal sunshine, the motorcycle diaries, lost in translation, 21 grams, and winter passing (i might have forgotten one or two others). There are multiple combinations of which movies use in it, but the music is always the same. I couldn't find it online but if you own any of these movies, this commercial is on them. Please help me out if you can!
Can you post and address for this topic. I know exactly what song it is. There's no singing in it, its just music correct. Happy to try and help.

Looking for you,

I'm sorry could you explain what you mean for "post and address for this topic?" And yes it only has music.

Ok so I'm assuming you meant post AN address for this topic, and I couldn't find one for the focus features song, I'll keep looking though, maybe something will pop up.