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Who knows the song name thats the opening title to Red Dead Revolver. Its slow nd has some whistling throughout the song. Ive been looking for this song for so long and cant find anything.
My friend bought the game but I can't remember the tune. Did you check the game manual? I remember it giving an entire tracklist of the soundtrack. It might be an Ennio Morricone. I know he had a lot of music in the game.
Ok, I found it and I am enjoying the music right now. I know a lot of guys and gals out there have been going crazy over this for a couple of years now and have also fell into wrong clues about what the music was from.

You can trust me on this 'cause I just NOT ONLY got the film (Il Pistolero Dell' Ave Maria) on DVD (which is great) to verify it, but ALSO got the CD soundtrack. Here is the info:

The track that you hear as soon as you enter the Red Dead Revolver is indeed "Balata Per Un Pistolero" de Roberto Predagio (not F. Micalizzi).

The reason why most people are either not able to get the music and/or think that is a composition by F. Micalizzi or F. Micalizzi with Roberto Predagio is simple: a CD sountrack exclusive for "Il Pistolero.." was never released.

But here is the good news:

First I got the DVD, which confirmed not only that IT WAS from that film but also that the composer is Roberto Predagio (ONLY). Then it took me a lot of research and tracking down and a couple of phone calls to Oxford, England to find out that what they released instead a CD that combines both soundtracks:

"Il Pistolero dell' Ave Maria" starring Leonard Mann (first 14 tracks) by Roberto Predagio and "Lo Chiamavano Trinita" (They called him Trinity, starring Terence Hill) second 13 tracks by F. Micalizzi.

The CD is mostly promoted as the soundtrack for "Lo Chiamavano" and in many instances people neglect the fact that is 2 soundtracks in one CD. Also when you find it, it is sold as a composition by both musicians together, which is not the case.

Where do you find it:

Movie Grooves
60s & 70s Soundtracks & Library Music
PO Box 1413, Oxford, OX4 4WW, UK
Tel: (01865) 426905


It is such a rare piece that they don't have it in the website, that's why I had to call and have it play it to verify it. Because I purchased from them before, they open the sealed CD (they won't do it for everyone but this post should be enough for you to just call or email them (address to Col). It's a collector's piece so it goes for 29 GBP (UK Pounds). You can tell him/them that Ricardo referred you so get the correct soundtrack (which is NOT "A Sky full of stars for a roof" with actor Guilliano Gemma.

The film can be purchased on DaaVeeDee Store at eBay and you can email them at info(at) - It's listed as "Forgotten Pistolero"(Gunman of Ave Maria)it's PAL and had English, Italian and German versions of the film in it. It's sealed new - nothing pirated there (costs USD 22.99)


Ricardo Mamood-Vega