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there was a song that had a guy singing and i believe the lyrics were "yeah, your part of it" if anyone knows what i am talking about, give me a heads up please
Does anyone know the theme song for Inferno II? It's the techno-sounding song that plays when everyone is walking in at the beginning of the show. I've tried to find the name on the web with no luck. TIA!
Thanks for the tip! I will look for that. I have a bunch of episodes TIVOed, and it seems like they never run the full credits... just a couple of names at the end of each show.
I checked Bunim-Murray's (the producers) website, and they didn't have anything about the theme. You might want to try contacting them and asking if they have any info on the song.
does anyone know the name of the song that was playing during the inferno with tina and robin?
There are a bunch of songs listed here that you can check out -- not sure which part of you're looking for.
what were they doin in the scene? do you remember any lyrics?
there werent any lyrics but it was the part like right as they were brought out and the song was also playing while they were doing the challenge in the inferno.
During one of the latest episodes of the Inferno II on MTV, there was a song playing during an obstacle. It was the one where there was a vat of water with holes and the cast had to use their body limbs to cover each hole up.

The song was like a remix to "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" I know this but I was curious if anybody might know who sings it?
Anyone know the song playing when Mike and Jodi were fooling around...when Jodi made that bet where she would get naked and jump in the pool? It had the words..."It's not our's yours and I..." Something like that?
According to Bunim-Murray:

"Steadytam" by Robbie Gennet
Mike and Jodi make a bet.

"Dean" by The Co-Stars
Mike waits for Jodi to get naked and jump into the pool.

"Wake Up" by Bottle Of Justus
Jodi loses the bet and pays the price.
on an old episode where jodi and mike are playing a card game and she loses the bet and has to go swimming naked, and she gets out and chases mike around, there is a song with the lyrics " its not our time"....i think and its a guy singing
This episode consisted of the two inferno groups looking at a room filled with sharper image items and then having to re-arrange the items all back to the exact spots. Where the music comes in is when they nominate who is going to be able to go in the room and study the room for 2 mins. The music starts to play when the screen goes blue and shows Jamies name and then it goes red and shows Dans name, hence they show whois going in the room. The techno that is playing is sweet def good beat. Wondering if anyone caught it, i know alot of the music that is played during this episode is sweet. Hope someone recognizes it, or has any ideas who it may be or other songs that were played on there that fell in the electronica genre.
when tonya was standing in the kitchen with tina,veronica, and rachel. some lady was yelling (ahhhhhh, seems likes she's saying "over") with loud drums.