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Does anyone knows the song they played during the sence when Daphne ask Brian to help Justin in Brian's office and it also played during the end credits. Male voice , light guitar and heavy echo . . .

thanks !

something like. . .
... waiting for an earthquake . . . quake... quake... quake... seems one already came . . . came... came... came... when the buses are electric . . . tric... tric... tric...
Does anybody know the name of the song they played when they were in Babalyon
close to the end of the movie, there were some guy's on the dance floor fighting brazillian style and a guy dancing in Drag...LOL
Thanks if anybody can help,

Kelvin :unsure:
Can anyone tell me the song that is played at the end when the credits roll on tonights QaF.

Thanks. :ph34r:
Hi MixBoi,
I was poking around some fansites and found this song "Strobe's Nanafushi" by "Kodo" and I'm pretty sure its the song that you are looking for.
If it is episode 4-08 then the song is called "Attitude" by "Suede". (I think that's the one where Brian has a dream that Vic is in heaven????)
Hope this was of some help.
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew the song that was playing the first night that Justin and Cody dressed up with the rest of the Pink Panthers to patrol liberty ave. and they beat up the straight trash talkers. :p

It had a heavy dance beat that starts as they are walking down the street and some guy yells obscenities out of a car window. It's from episode 3.

Thanks! :D
Hey Melania,
I was checking out one of the fansites and "Junk Odyssey" by "ECT" was listed. Is this the song you are looking for?
Thanks Poohbear, but do you know where I can get the song? I tried searching for it on Kazaa with no luck ... :(

I just cant get it out of my head, its such a good beat! :D I have to find it!
No problem Melania! :)
And no sorry I don't know where to get a copy of it. :(
Maybe on their Season 4 soundtrack??
You're right, Michelle, the song isn't on the soundtrack and it's proving extremely difficult to find ... :huh:
I don't collect vinyls, but maybe the song is just an "underground" DJ type thing... Not sure. We have a couple DJs around here, so maybe they know more about finding obscure tracks.

Anyway, I just did a google search for the song title and artist and got that result. I was making sure we had the right song and the right artist name (cause I was beginning to wonder if the name was misspelled...)
Does anyone know the name of the song played in Babylon when Emmitt is dancing in the dance floor by himself and looks up to the camera?? It's awesome!
Episode 4-10 Where Emmett is continuing with the football star (who agrees to do the underwear campaign at Brian's ad agency)???
If this is the episode you are talking about then it may be "Sancturary (Harry Lemon Remix)" by "Origene".
It appears to be the only song listed (on one of the fan sites) for the scene when the cast is in Babylon.
If it isn't let me know and I'll keep looking :)
Heya everyone,
I have a dated question. Does anyone know what the song that was playing on the Season 3 finale episode [14] while Mel and Linds were making out [right before Mel found the gift she asked Linds to return in the drawer] was called??

I know it's a while back but it's such a cool song and I can't make out any of the lyrics. PLEASE HELP!!! ;)