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This has been bothering me and since I don't know if it's an actual song or just one composed specifically for the commercial maybe someone here can help me out!

It's this acoustic sounding song in the new crispy mini's commercial. The commercial starts with a woman writing something outside, she giggles and then butterflies fly out her mouth, the next scene is in a library with a couple, she sneezes or something and then bubbles escape from her mouth and her dude looks at her curiously then the next scene is in a boardroom and as the woman speaks, confetti escapes from her mouth, then the last scene shows a female jogger with a trail of confetti following behind her.

The lyrics to the song are,

Would you follow me if I paint you at night with all your favourite colours rising up together we will stay and always remember...

Or at least that's what I think I'm hearing. Anyway, HELP PLEASE!!! :D