1. M

    Quaker Oats jogging

    What in the world is the song in this commercial?
  2. M

    Quaker Crispy Minis

    This has been bothering me and since I don't know if it's an actual song or just one composed specifically for the commercial maybe someone here can help me out! It's this acoustic sounding song in the new crispy mini's commercial. The commercial starts with a woman writing something outside...
  3. K

    Quaker Oats

    I don't know if anyone knows, but what is the song in the new Quaker Oats commercial... The one with them jumping on the trampolines? Does anyone know? I love the song that's playing.
  4. superfly299

    Quaker Oatmeal

    I found a song I like on a commercial but I need some help. The only lyrics I found were la la la la la. Its the Quaker Oatmeal commercial where they use the oatmeal as jet pack fuel.