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Hello everyone. I'm wondering if any of you guys remember some of the old Publix commercials. Their commercials usually places big importance on the family unit. One of the commercials I remember seeing had a nice relaxing tune to it. I can't even remember how the song goes. I just know I liked it. I was riding in a car and I heard the music from the commercial and it brought back memories. I didn't catch the name of the song and I greatly regret it. The commrcial goes a ltittle something like this:

No commercial has touched me like the Publix Grocery commercial they started playing about 4 years ago. Publix is a grocery store chain located in Georgia and Florida and possibly other southern states. The commercial runs before Christmas and shows a family traveling on a train while music like a train plays in the background. The family is in warm winter clothes and it gives the impression of the family on the train over a 24 hour period where they go to sleep and wake up so you know they have traveled a long distance.

The commercial moves to an older couple preparing a large dinner for a Holiday feast with numerous fancy dishes they are preparing. It looks like they have about 30 different dinner items made for the feast and they are also preparing the place settings.

As the commercial moves back and forth from the family on the train to the older couple preparing the feast it shows the family that was on the train sitting at the dinner table of the older couple who prepared the feast and the camera pans out and you can see them at the dinner table eating with the window as a frame with holiday lights and eventually it zooms out and they are all on a small house boat on the water in the warm winter sun. The music makes me cry along with the sense of holiday spirit and family warmth. This commercial is emotionally powerful.

Now this isn't my description, but it was the most accurate portrayal that I can remember. If anyone knows the music being played during this commercail please let me know. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Well, considering Publix is regional (as many chains are), and I have never seen their commercials, I can't be of much help. Your best bet is trying to email them directly and asking about the ad.
Have you seen the recent Holiday commercials. The one with the salt and pepper shakers in thanksgiving and the commercial that the family blames the baby for eating the dinner when it was the decorations. :) Its not the Holidays without Publix commercials.
First timer here...great site!

I am looking for a song from a Publix commercial that aired a few yrs back. The music in the ad only had guitars. It sounded like it was from the 60's or there abouts.

dascoot...sorry, not it. this one was definitely a summer one. near around the time when publix had the commercials with "in the summertime" in the ads. The song is very upbeat and fast. No vocals in the commercial, but there might be some in the song. Definitely a summer season commercial though. I am pretty sure I have heard it on the oldies radio station though?

Well.. this might be a total stab in the dark, but try Joe Satriani "Summer Song". The other two I'm positive about, but this one I only THINK might have been in one of the ads..
You don't remember anything about the commercial at all?
sorry...not it either.
I want to say that it had kids eating ice cream, but i am pretty sure thats the one with "In the summertime" playing.

It's not the one with Uncle Bob blowing up all the kids's floaty rafts and inner tubes is it? That's one I'm not sure of.. it might be commissioned.
Have you thought of contacting Publix and asking them?

I was thinking of only guitar, from the 60s... and it makes me want to throw out "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams. It is a very upbeat, only guitar song. (Audio sample in the link, at Amazon)
This ad aired couple of years ago on Christmas/Thanksgiving in the US. A large family is having dinner. The salt and pepper shakers are in the form of a couple. They get seperated as they get passed around, and make sad faces. They get dunked into mashed potatoes by a toddler, falls down on the floor, gets licked by a dog, and in the end the hostess/mom finds them on the floor, wipes them and place them together on the table. The Shakers then look at each other and smile....

Does anybody know the music that plays in the background? It is instrumental.
You were right dascoot

Publix sent me this mail:

In regards to your inquiry, we appreciate your interest,
however, the music in our recent Thanksgiving and Christmas t.v. commercials
are original scored pieces composed specifically for our commercials and are
not available for purchase.

There was a song on a Publix tv ad a few years back that I'm trying to find. It was in a commercial where an elderly couple are together, pretty romantic, I think in black and white (now sure). The song was a 1930's type. Lyrics were "I'm dreaming tomorrow, you'll come back to me, love me like you used to do...".
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I HAVE to find out the name/artist of that song from the newest publix commercial. its like "and we'll share our feelings together" or something? PLEASE HELP! THANKS! :unsure:
i think i've just seen the same commercial. is it a bunch of different dads and their kids making mother's day meals and stuff? i'm trying to find out who it is too. i'll come back and post if i can figure it out.
I just saw the commercial again and remebered i had to check this. I also caught a couple lines i think:

im not sure, but it sounds like they say:
and we share our memories whenever we look into each others eyes
we will share our feelings forever

PLEASE HELP!!!GOING CRAZY!!! :eek: :( :blink:
Here's the lyrics:

"All our lives it keeps us together
the feeling we hold inside
it's a light that keeps on shining
in our eyes
and we share favorite memories whenever
we look into each others eyes
and we know were all gonna be there the rest of our lives
and we share these feelings forever
its the moments that keep
us [?] Its a song we sing to each other all of our lives"

The commercial features dads and sons apparently baking items for Mother's Day.