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Well I was watching the new PRO ACTIV infomercial and it had alica keys on it and during her segment on how she was talking about how her face cleared up she was singing a song on the piano she said somethin like "runawayyyy runawayyyy" anyone know this song?
no no no its alicia keys. (alicia keys was playing the song sitting at the piano.)
oh yea and she says "looovinng youuu...." (then sometin else)
i watched it again and at the beginning i picked up few more words "if i gave you forever"
o ya i found the song "loving you is easy" its not on any of her albums
I wonder if it's meant to be a cover of Minnie Riperton - "Loving You"...

She's great, ol' Minnie. She also provided that sample for Jean-Jaques Smoothie's "Two People"... Remember that tune back in the late 90s/Early 00s...