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The commercial is for Pringles where the chips are making hearts and everything. Very Valentine-y. I know the song is Everlasting Love but who sings it?
who sings the cover of "everlasting love" in the pringles commercial? cant find anything online giving the answer. Explored itunes, but couldnt find the exact version.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

im not sure this is it... i mean its the song, but i dont think its the version in the commercial.. too bad they aren't running the spot anymore..
Are you asking about the song featured in the spot, or are you asking who sings the original?
Was it Carl Carlton? (didn't see the ad - this is all I hear in my head :p )

David Essex?
David Ruffin?
Gloria Estefan?
Michael Ball?
Narvel Felts?
Rachel Sweet?
Robert Knight?

Gee whiz, :huh: was it a Male or Female vocal? Classic sound or modern?
The original is by Robert Knight and then the Love Affair covered it pretty soon after. But a lot of other people have covered it since then.
it was a guy singing it.. slowed down version with a guitar in the background.. think iron and wine's cover of "such great heights." as far as type of sound.

i still havent found it. maybe it was done just for the spot. i have no idea.
I saw this add like five times today and I think it's Jamie Cullum. I think someone already said that. I'm agreeing with that.
i havent seen this commercial since like valentines day...

i emailed pringles and they responded with zero information...

still dont know what it is
There's already threads about the Pringles ad here ...

The song you're looking for ...

"Everlasting Love"

Just not sure of the artist ...

There you go.
I saw an ad the other night for Pringles, it was like the Fruitopia ads with all the trippiness instead this time with pringles chips spinning around and doing a bunch of psychadelic stuff. There was a really familiar song in there, I'm trying to figure out. If anyone has seen this and know lyrics to it or even know the song I would like to know.
If I'm thinking of the same ad you're talking about ...

The song is "Everlasting Love"

It's been discussed here already ...

Just not sure about the artist ...

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
I emailed pringles to find out the song in the commercial and heres their response:

Response (RightNow Administrator) - 04/18/2006 03:51 PM
Thanks for writing.

I'm glad our Pringles advertising caught your attention. The theme song for the Pringles commercial, "Everlasting Love", was made by Human Music House and doesn't have any recognizable name singers.

Hope this helps.

Mary Lee
Pringles Team

So, I was searching for Human Music House and I believe this is there site:

But, I have not found the music/commercial on their site.
In this new Pringles commercial I just saw today, they played a song with the phrase "everlasting love" repeated over and over. Does anyone have any info about who sings this song or what it is called? Thanks!!!