1. V

    Pringles Christmas

    Anyone know the name of this song? Shazam and Googling the lyrics (at least what i understand) dind't quite help. Thank you in advance.
  2. R

    Pringles "you DON'T JUST EAT 'em, you NIGHT IN with 'em"

    Hi guys, I found that the song of this new pringles' commercial is hard to find. Can you help find it? :) Thanks and regards.
  3. W

    Pringles Multi Grain "Crop Circles"

    I've seen it a couple of times now, a bunch of young people frollicking in a field and eating multi-grain pringles. Can't make out many of the words but "hey now" a couple times. Sounds a lot like the Talking Heads.
  4. J

    Pringles "Everything Pops with Pringles"

    Hi! I'm hoping someone can assist with the artist information for this commercial. I've tried several Google and YouTube searches and visited Pringles' website. The commercial is a holiday one that is still airing as of today. There is a female vocalist singing a cool mix of Jingle Bells...
  5. C

    Pringles Select

    The song features a female singer and has a rather "old school" flavor to it.
  6. M

    Pringles "Everlasting Love"

    The commercial is for Pringles where the chips are making hearts and everything. Very Valentine-y. I know the song is Everlasting Love but who sings it?
  7. I

    Pringles Spicy Cajun

    There was a Pringles commercial a while back, I think for the Cajun Pringles, that took place in a swamp, with a crocodile, and the song playing in the background was sung in a really deep voice and went something like "You've got a spell on me" or "you put a spell on me". I was wondering if...