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Greetings to all.

What can I say , I love this site.
Music has always been one of my favorite,if not favorite topic of discussion.
I am 30 something,born and raised in Texas. I love to read,write,and collect music of course.
I worked in a few music stores over the years and was exposed to many artists and music that I would otherwise never known exsisted. We always got questions such as the like of what is asked here but much more vauge.

For example, "Hey do you know that song that was in that wine commercial from about 10 years ago?"
Then of course they couldnt tell you anything else about it.
What was great is that people would sing to you,so that you could try and guess what they were looking for. Our own little version of Name That Tune! LOL! But we did figure out who it was :Enya.

I work for a Consulting firm now(very boring)and still collect music and try to help out as much as I can when I can. I dont get to watch too much television anymore,but as long as people can give lyrics that always helps. I also have a 5 month old baby girl,my little princess,whom of course demands most of my time.All she has to do is give me those eyes and a big smile and I am at her command as always.
I hope to be around for a good while. You all seem like such a nice bunch and I know how it is when youre trying to track down something and cant figure out or find what it is,all the more reason to stay!

Hope I can help out regularly!
Nice to meet all of you. :lol:

Hi Prince! Welcome!

Yesssss! *in my best Napolean Dynamite voice*

Another red state! :lol: Alas, I'm not alone.
Hi Prince. :)

It's so cute when daddies love their little girls. *sniff*
Originally posted by Sir_Garland@Apr 26 2005, 10:05 AM
Another red state! :lol: Alas, I'm not alone.
I need a smirk smiley...