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What is the song playing during the Pride and Prejudice trailer? I know I have heard it in a movie before. It is familiar, but I can't quite place my finger on it. Please help.
B) The song is called "Sometimes" by Gabrielle. It can be found on the Love Actually import soundtrack.
The track is actually 'PM's Love Theme' by CRAIG ARMSTRONG from Love Actually, but has been mislabelled as 'Sometimes' by Gabrielle on a number of online music sites.

It was also used in the trailer for The Aviator.

The other pieces of music are:

1. Willoughby by PATRICK DOYLE from Sense and Sensibility (Track 13).

2. German Dance No.1 in C Major by FRANZ SCHUBERT (Track 13).

3. A Particular Sum by PATRICK DOYLE from Sense and Sensibility (Track 2).
In the beginning, we can hear pieces of "Sense and Sensibility" and "Little Women", but from 1'26 on, there's this very loveley music, which I can't place at all...

Help? ;-)
Love Actually (2003): "PM's Love Theme" - Craig Armstrong
"German Dance in C Major" - Franz Schubert
Sense & Sensibility (1995): "Willoughby" - Patrick Doyle
Sense & Sensibility (1995): "A Particular Sum" - Patrick Doyle

"Collide" - Howie Day
I think that was for the other trailer. I work in a cinema and that int trailer is on the loop tape and I look at it everytime it plays and think how much better it would be if it had the Craig Armstrong song.
Yeah, you're right, Cosmo, that was from the other trailer.
I'm looking for the music of the Intl trailer, which, I must confess, I like better then the Craig Armstrong music ;-)
what is the name of the last song played

it's playing during the part when the voice over says 'from the producers of Bridget Jones's Diary' and plays till the end.
that's from "Love Actually" (Craig Armtrong) ;-)

I'm looking for the music in the international trailer...
yeah what is that music? i know exactly what you are talking about - its the international trailer - its really pretty. you can get the trailer at this site for anyone who thinks they can identify this music. its the stuff that is playing right after she says she'll dance with him. please help us!
Does anyone know where to fine this arrangemnet of PM's Love Theme? It is more orchestral in the trailer then the Big "Brassy" arrangement on the Love Actually CD...

Does anyone know the name of the song at the end of the tv ad for the movie Pride and Prejudice? (The soundtrack is all instrumental and the long version of the trailer doesn't have the song I'm looking for, but the tv ad does).
yeah ok its confusing but it IS: PM's love theme by craig armstrong.. but it's mislabeled everywhere and there's different soundtracks for love actually

its track 19 on the love actually soundtrack. length- 2:14

i'm kind of disappointed though that its so short!
Ok, so I'm not sure if anyone has figured out the last song on the trailer for Pride & Prejudice from The trailer is here:

and the music start from when Keira "Skinny-Girl" Knightly says "He's so rich..." and it plays all the way until the end.

What was the final word on this?

HELP! I love this one because it's so beautiful and uplifting...
@LachesisBenton: I´m also searching this music for months now and it seems really nobody knows anything about it :( This time last week I wrote to Universal about it but until know I have no answer. But keep your fingers crossed. I´ll let you know about the result!
Till then I just have some hints for you:
1. Found some hints on the soundtrack of "King Arthur".
2. Another suggestion was it might be the "Portugese Lovetheme" from "Love Actually" (only on the UK release again!) One may reasonably expect this since Armstrongs music was also used for the FocusFeatures-Trailer?!
3. This piece was only composed for the trailer.... This would be really annoying after all :blink:
Since I have no access to those pieces at present I couldn´t check it out yet. If anyone of you guys doesn´t want to wait for Universal´s reply - fell free to check it out yourselves ;)
BTW: to my ears it sounds more like something from Hans Zimmer..... ?!

@ stellar: no, you mean the trailer from focus feature (but LachesisBenton is looking for the international trailer released by universal.... and yes, you are right: the music you´ve been searching for is from "Love actualy". :rolleyes:

@vbvr: "collide" is the song in the US tv trailer.... ;)

Greetings, Marbe
O.k., the secret is disclosed now....
It sounds very much like the first part from Hans Zimmer´s "King Arthur" soundtrack: "Another Brick in Hadrians´s Wall" BUT it is not the same unfortunately :(
According to a recent post at the IMDB UIP says it is a generic piece of music which is not available :(

However, have fun, Marbe