Prepare to be stumped...I hope not!


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Okay. Here's the deal - About 5-7 years ago, a beer commercial played on various ESPN, sports, and cable channels, but I constantly saw it on ESPN. I'm thinking it was either Guinness or Sam Adams. Basically, a guy is sitting at a small, but classy old bar staring at glass of beer with a thick head. There is a very heavenly guitar piece playing in a sort of 50s Earth Angel style. In slow motion, he brings the beer to his lips. Just then, a couple pretty girls come in and one bumps the guy from behind. The music changes on a record scratch sound and goes to an unpleasant jazzy style. The guy looks annoyed, has foam on his lip, looks up at who bumped him, and she looks at him with a sort of "he's cute" look like she wants to flirt. Without giving her another thought or changing his expression, he turns back to his beer and the pretty guitar piece plays again.

What's the guitar piece and who did the commercial?
What I can tell you is that the ad was definitely for Sam Adams. It was aired during the first half of 1999 and had an end line of "It's What's Inside".

Beyond that, I'm afraid that I am stumped!