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Does this board usually get 2xposters...? you know posters that post once ask their question, then their second post thank everyone or the person that helped or answered?
Are you asking if the original poster comes back for a "courtesy post"? Or if they should or what?
I'm asking if there are a lot of 2xposters? I see that there are 1,444 registered users. I don't think all of those registered users are active posters. I'm assuming that most people only post twice...once to ask their questionand the second time to thank people. yes...? no?
If you go to the board index, you can click on two links toward the bottom: Top 10 posters of the day, and Top 10 posters overall. You can view the number of posts from different members. I think that might answer your question. If not, whatever.
Well, I don't know if the number of "Thank you"s is anywhere near the number of questions asked and answered. :) It's always appreciated, especially to know the original person asking actually got their desired info.
Yeah that's me alright. Big'ol Lump'o Sugar :lol: