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There's a commercial for the new Porsche Cayenne where a little boy walks into his friend's back yard and the clown is sitting there all mad. The boy looks at the clown and the clown points him towards the real party. A group of kids are standing on the edge of the curb watching a guy go around the block in his new Porsche, waiting their turn for a ride. It's a cool commercial, but what I'm really interested to know is what song is playing in the background. It's an acoustic guitar with a couple of guys humming along. It sounds a little folky, but I have absolutely no idea who it is or what the title of the song is. Anyway, if anybody out there knows it, you would have my eternal gratitude!

Hi, does anyone know the song from the new Porsche Cayenne commercial? The commercial is a kid shows up at a birthday party and nobody's around. Then he sees a clown who points to where all the kids are, waiting to get a ride in the Cayenne.

The song sounds like a single guitar with humming in the background. Upbeat tune.

I've been looking for the same thing. It sounds like the theme of an old western tv show or movie.
Yeah, I agree, except that the sound is pretty clean, which leads me to believe it's recently produced. I can't even find a link to watch the commercial online anywhere, which is strange.
Hey everybody,
I keep seeing this commercial for the 2005 Porsche Cayenne and I can't get the music out of my head. I already looked on Porsche's website and they don't seem to have anything on it. Look below for a detailed commercial description.

A little boy walks into a yard where there seems to have been a birthday party with a present. This clown is sitting there eating the cowboy cake, looking rather melancholy. the little boy asks, "where is everybody?" and the clown points his spoon in the direction of the action. All the kids are standing at the edge of the sidewalk waiting their turn to ride around the block in this guy's new Cayenne S. The music is very folky, and the singing is just a couple of guys humming over the acoustic guitar. It's very pretty, and if you know it, I would be forever grateful for the information on it.

I'm pretty sure it's from a movie from the '60's, possibly with an asian theme, Chinese or Japanese. It's also been driving me crazy trying to remember it.
I get the tune stuck in my head whenever I see the commerial, but I start humming the tune just like it is on the ad..and then I always start singing "This Diamond Ring" by Gary Lewis & The Playboys...

I don't know if they just sound similar or if it's the same song (it's definately not the same version, though.)

If you don't know the song, listening to that won't help because the ad sounds like a bit of the instrumental interlude, and not the part with vocals.
I'm afraid to try and spell out the name of the car since they only say the name, but is like the "chyannis" (kie-ann-is)

It's the commercial where the little kid has a present and he asks the clown where everyone is, and the clown points over his shoulder and the kids all look at the car.

Anybody figure it out?

It does sound very similar to "This Diamond Ring" by Gary Lewis (as mentioned in another thread) but I cant tell if its the same song/cant find a link online to watch the commerical.
It's the one where the clown is sitting by himself while the kids are taking a ride in the Cayenne for the kids birthday.

It sounds like an acappella, hummed version of Gary Lewis and the Playboys "This diamond ring"

Any one know?
the name of the song is called "instumental" by Bjorn Olsson

you can sample it by clicking on the song title on the left

thank you! i was intending to look up this song when i saw the commerical, but i forgot. so i went sifting thru the forums, and seeing "Porsche Cayenne" reminded me! thanks again!