1. I

    Porsche 911 RSR

    Hi, I've been looking for the soundtrack of this commercial for so long, and still couldn't find it Does anyone have any information about it?
  2. B

    Porsche Boxster "Escape"

    it starts with a racing horse in the gate, a boy in class waiting for the clock to hit the mark to end the school day...
  3. C

    Porsche "Engineered for Magic"

    i was wondering if they knew who the male singer is in the new porsche commercials, the one i seen have the new carerras advertised.. i was thinking it could be ray vaughn, but could not find anything.. it starts out, i feel good,i gotta feel good,.. thats all i could remember. thanks.
  4. C

    Porsche promos

    Both of these never aired on TV, but they both have awesome songs. I'd appreciate it if anybody could help me figure out the songs used in these videos.
  5. V


    It the one with "it's legendary. It's breathtaking. It's liberating..." etc. Anyone know what the new instrumental music is?
  6. E


    It was silver and i think its the new caymen not sure, it just has it driving around and the chillest techno is playing. Have no idea who its from.
  7. P

    Porsche Cayman

    http://www.porsche.com/usa/models/cayman/c...ry/?gtabindex=4 Anyone know this song? The Frankfort Motor Show one. Thanks pricelk
  8. MSFT

    Porsche Cayman

    Hello, I'm looking for the song used in the new Porsche Cayman "Center Forward" ad. The video can be found here. I've already done a search on Google for the lyrics that I could hear with no results.
  9. Bloodlessr

    Porsche Cayman S

    Anyone seen this commercial? Its got a pretty cool song playing while it shows clips of the car and then people reactions to it. In the end there is a women looking down at it from her apartment as it pulls up and stops. I cant find any clips of the commercial on the internet but I'll keep...
  10. W

    Porsche Cayman

    I was watching the coverage of the Barrett Jackson auction on the Speed channel, and Porsche had a ad for the new Cayman sports coupe. Any guesses as to the song on the background? Thanks all!
  11. B

    Porsche Cayenne

    There's a commercial for the new Porsche Cayenne where a little boy walks into his friend's back yard and the clown is sitting there all mad. The boy looks at the clown and the clown points him towards the real party. A group of kids are standing on the edge of the curb watching a guy go...