Pontiac Torrent


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Looking for the music to accompany the ad where the SUV is driving along a white background. Through out the ad, the tire tracks of the vehicle 'tear away' at the background exposing grass / water / other environment underneath.

The music has some sort of guitar and the commercial ends with some lyrics. I will try to get some should I see it again.


Edit: Lyrics contain "You can't bring me down"
Hopefully you're still around the boards to see this, McNasty, but I e-mailed GM Canada and they responded with this:

Thank you for your e-mail, and for your interest in our television commercial
for the Pontiac Torrent SUV.

The Torrent advertisement music was not created by an
artist nor is it a full song, it was developed in studio specifically for the TV
spot. As such, the music does not have an actual title.

General Motors makes every effort to offer advertising that is both original and
innovative, and we are gratified to learn that we are achieving our objectives
in this regard.

Thank you for your inquiry, and for contacting General Motors of Canada Limited.
Please visit our website again!

Hope that helps.