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I need help identifying a song I heard on a Pontiac Red Tag event commercial during the UT v A&M game on CBS (Nov. 24th). I'm NOT talking about the GMC red tag event commercial or any of the G6 ads.

The song had a few lines of lyrics (though I could't make them out)
Matt Dillon did the voice over

Thanks so much.
theres another commercial for the pontiac red tag event (that ends jan 5 or something) and the song is really sweet
i couldnt hear any lyrics because the narrator talks during them
"woooohhoooo" is what i can hear

it kind of reminds me of a chill bloc party song with a different singer (terrible description, sorry)

any help??

is that song even available anywhere?? i cant seem to find it

maybe im looking in the wrong places

any help? thanks
I think what you are looking for is "Bohemian Like You" by The Dandy Warhols. It's one of my favorite songs by them. It has wicked funny lyrics, and that great "Woo Hoo Hooo" hook.
Hope that helps.

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Hi all, I looked a little bit for Pontiac commercials and did not find this one. This commercial has been airing during the college football bowl games (usually on ESPN). Its for the Pontiac Game changing performance scholarship contest where you vote for the best play online. The song is really catchy and has some vocalizing in it that goes kind of like "ooh ooh ooh" during it. I know, not a great description, but I'm hoping someone has seen it and knows the song! It's been driving me mad the past couple of days. Thanks :)
sorry, it was the Pontiac red tag commercial song and now I see thats been figured out. I must be confusing the two commercials. Sorry!