Pokemon ruby/sapphire commercial?


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:rolleyes: Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if anyone knows who did the song on the pokemon ruby/sapphire commercial a few months ago? The commercial had people who looked like the pokemon in the commercial. The song was very upbeat and the main chorus that sounded like kids singing la, la la la, la la at the very end it sounded like a bird in the music. I was wondering if it was made just for the commercial or if it was a real song?
I'm not up to speed on my Pokemon, :) so I am not sure what to be looking for --

Is it an ad for a movie, video game, tv show, product, etc... ?? What channel did you see the commercial on?
Hi! :)

I saw that commercial a long time ago. It's the one for the video game with people holding pokemon that look like them.

:huh: I think it sounded too much like something they made just for the commercial. I mean... it's just kids singing "lalalalalala" all the way through the song. Sorry to burst your bubble.