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I can't remember the exact details of the commcercial, but it's the only Philips commerical currently playing. Does anyone know the music that is played during the commcerical? Thanks!
Hey, I believe he's talking about the one where a guy is cooking a turkey and a lady is checking herself out in the mirror and another guy is painting his walls blue. Its a light and kinda poppy song. I'd like to know too :) Ive email philips actually :p

Yep. Philips lighting....the one with the turkey and stuff. I'd too like to know about the music. It sounded like it could have been done by some indy band or something.
Yes, it is the one the others have made mention of...with the turkey and whatnot. Anyone find anything yet?
NO, i got the e-mail back from philips and suprise, suprise they said they didnt know. so heck it might just be something they paid someone to play in the background it it may not be a real song. But keep looking! :)
in my opinion, it sounds like the background music was made just for the commercial... maybe a short instrumental made by some obscure composer
I can't remember what was on the commercial, but does anybody know the name of the song on the new Phillips commercial?
so does anyone know what song this is?
i agree it sounds indie and it sounds very familiar but i cant quite put my finger on it.
Please reply if you know the answer! :D
:( I apreciate what some people are doing to look for this song. This is a really great song and I'm somewhat dissapointed that some of you who are more knowlageable than I am think it was made specially for the commercial.
:) I just emailed philips with this message:

I believe you are the company that released a television commercial (at least in the U.S.) that included someone cooking a turkey, someone looking in a mirror, and someone looking at paint (possibly including other things). I am a member of a website ( focused on soundtracks and music of TV commercials, TV shows, video games, etc. There are a surprisingly large number of people interested in purchasing or downloading the music to the above mentioned commercial. If you have any information regarding that, email me back.

Mr. Royer