1. N

    Philips Norelco "Shave All Things" OneBlade 360

    I had this song on an iPod in 2005, and I have not heard it since, despite wondering for the last uh too many years what the song was. I had a minor seizure when I got this random razor recently. What is this song? Please tell me so I can stop shuddering and shaking in my computer chair, thank...
  2. liszto

    Philips "Extending access to prenatal care - Imaging the World"

    Please note: there is a mildly annoying baby crying at the start of this video. Can anybody tell me what the music is that starts playing at 1:11 in this clip? It's driving me nutso and I have even tried contacting Philips to very half-hearted avail. I think it might be an original composition...
  3. acondiff

    Philips Hue app controlled LED light bulb promo

    What is the song in the background of this new ad? Some lyrics are at the end but I can't find it by googling it... Thanks!
  4. T

    Philips Flat TV "Best Place"

    Hello! Can someone help me identify the song playing during this commercial? I've heard it countless times but I've blanked on the name. Thanks.
  5. feywillow

    Philips Norelco Senso Touch 3D

    I have been looking for the song in this razor commercial for the Senso touch. It is blue gridline animation with a woman walking and then knocking on the bathroom door where a man is shaving. The lyrics appear to be "let me be, so close to you". I am driving myself insane trying to find it.
  6. T

    Philips CD Recorder "Leon's Party Music"

    The commercial shows a part going on... and a middle eastern gentleman walks over to the cd player and pops in a burned CD he made and I think it says Dance mix or something on it. It changes from boring music to this reallllly cool Middle Eastern Dance Techno music. I've been trying for years...
  7. Z

    Philips Sonicare

    name of the song in this commercial where the lady cracks a nut with her teeth and a guy staightens a fork with his teeth
  8. B

    Philips Wireless Headset "Work Your Body"

    Philips Wireless Headset "Work Your Body" Commercial with a teen/early 20's guy, looks kind of like a young Anthony Michael Hall. He's got a wireless headset on, dancing around in a pair of boxers, getting ready for the day. He goes downstairs, and is dancing in the kitchen, the loses the...
  9. S

    Philips products

    The commercial for Philips starts with a couple starting to neck on a couch -- she sends him off to shave, then it switches to her having an ultrasound, then they are back on the couch with baby stuff all over. A fun French song is playing in the background and I cannot find it. Thanks!!
  10. W

    Philips Norelco

    Saw this commercial last night on the Discovery channel with a robot who loads her hand with a shaver and then proceeds to shave this guy in a shower. I loved the electronic sound of the music and at the end it gave the website So... I checked it out and they actually provide...
  11. I

    Philips MRI

    I am looking for the instrumental song in the new Philips open MRI scanner commercial. It is so beautiful. Help!! Thanks.
  12. DuGarner

    Phillips CD Recorder

    It's been about five years - maybe more, but I just have the faintest wisp of a memory about a commercial (don't even remember the product) where a twenty-something couple sits down to dinner in an apartment. The guy puts on some music and instead of smooth jazz or something, it is this heavy...
  13. D

    Philips light bulb

    Anyone know the title and artist for a Philips lightbulb commercial? I think it's for a "natural light" bulb of some sort. Some of the lyrics are: "I love the darkness, 'cause I'm dancing in the light"
  14. T

    Philips Ambilight

    does anyone know the song played in the background of the philips ambilight tv song?
  15. S

    Phillips "Getting Better"

    Im trying to find this song the one that plays for the length of the advert not at the end any ideas?
  16. baummer

    Philips lighting

    I can't remember the exact details of the commcercial, but it's the only Philips commerical currently playing. Does anyone know the music that is played during the commcerical? Thanks!