Peter Pan


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I was just wondering what the song was featured on the New tv spots for Peter Pan. It almost sound like the maddona the "Die another day" theme from the james bond movie.. Thankz.
Clocks - Coldplay
Evolution (2001) - John Powell
Myst III
The Time Machine (2002) - Klaus Badelt
Battle Cry - X-Ray Dog
Original Trailer Music - Dan Nielsen
The Time Machine (2002) - Klaus Badelt
I can't remember exactly when it was, but a few months ago (probably august), Peter Pan (the 2003 version with Jeremy Sumpter etc) was released on box office. The month before its release, there were adverts on the sky box office channels for the movie with the mose beautiful music in the background. I am a peter pan fanatic, so i know it wasnt a song from the movie itself or off of its soundtrack. It sounded a lot like enya. Please if anyone can help me!!!???

Trailer # 1

Main Title [MystIII Exile] - Jack Wall
Clock - Coldplay
The Crystal Chamber [Atlantis the Lost Empire]- James Newton Howard
Into The Pie Machine [Chicken Run] - John Powell
The Mall Chase [Evolution] - John Powell
Epic Ending - Daniel J Nielsen
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What about the music for this trailer?


Because here's what I know so far.

0:05-0:15 - ?
0:17-1:06 - Coldplay - Clocks
1:08-1:19, 1:19-1:26, 1:27-1:33, 1:38-1:45, 1:47-2:03 - Klaus Badelt - What If? (The Time Machine)
1:33-1:38 - Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell - Into the Pie Machine (Chicken Run)
2:04-End - ?
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