Pennies From Heaven


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There was a commercial with the song Pennies From Heaven, approximately 6-8 years ago. The company was either a banking or an investing firm, but I could be wrong. Internet searches reveal countless artists who have covered this song.... but I'm looking for the version/artist that was used in this commercial. I don't know the artist but of course I would know it to hear it. No luck so far on internet searches.... does anyone have a clue?

Thanks, Jeff
One of the many 'inside' things my wife and I have is to sing a few lines from the song "Pennies From Heaven"

We started this about 6 or 7 years ago after hearing the song in a tv commercial. If memory serves, (and lately that's the last thing it seems to do), the commercial was for a bank (Toronto Dominion perhaps), or an investing company.

I have searched the internet for versions of the song - many artists have covered it (Mel Torme, etc, etc), but I can't find the version that was in this commercial.

If anyone can find it for me I would owe them my life!!
Thread on it here already,(not you,by any chance in another incarnation?!?The wording in the Q is exactly the same!)No answer yet.I did some search ing for the first Q but didn't come up with anything.
my apologies everyone!

the reference to my failing memory...
i wasn't sure if i had already posted this or not. either way, i couldn't remember my first ID name or password. i checked the forum for the first message but couldn't find it, arriving at the false assumption that i hadn't posted this query.

anyway, thanks for the help Tasmin and to anyone else who had to read this twice
I'm not sure what version you are thinking of, but when I thought of this song I thougt of a version that is a little bit faster than the 'standard' version and after they sing "pennies from heaven" they go "shoobee doobee"!! I really love this one and I think it was in a movie, but at the moment I am at a loss for which one!

*edit* Guess I should have looked harder. :D Here is the one I was thinking of...Louis Prima track #14