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New(er) ad where little dogs act big...i.e. tug-of-war with a string tow with a much bigger dog. There is a Piano-type music...I LOVE it. Anyone know?
I was wondering about this, too, and I think it's Django Reinhardt. Can anyone confirm this?
hmmmm! I have a ten cd volume of his music...but now I don't remember the ad, just that I loved it! heh heh.... I *guess* I'll just have to go watch TV all day until I find the ad... ;)

...I'm reading my first post...what the HELL is a "string tow"?? I don't even know what I MEANT to say. Sorry for my inane spelling/making up words...
I just saw that "small kibble" Pedigree commercial today, and replayed it several times on TiVo. It sounds like an older recording or rather a more primitive recording technology (1940's maybe?). I don't believe it's Django Reinhardt—I've also got a large collection of his recordings—but I'm almost certain that the three instruments in the recording are drums, a standup bass (or "bass fiddle") and...a ukulele. Which is part of what made the commercial funny to me and gave it just a little touch of genius.

I'll be searching for that recording.
The music was done by a professional commercial song outfit from Venice, California, called "MoPhonics", and was written by Stephan Altman. (Source:

MoPhonics do have songs on their Web site for your listening pleasure, but I don't find this particular bit of music...yet. You can find them at
Franko, there is no other thing to say but that you really do rock. Thank you so much for figuring this out...
I wrote an email to Mophonics and here was their response today...

"Pedigree 'Big' is not yet available. We plan to inquire with the Agency
about doing a co-release.

(name of sender)

PS: Mophonics will formally begin releasing music on iTunes next week.
Keep searching."