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New ad seen during "Just Legal" premiere on WB.

Pedigree for dogs - cute dogs abound in an ad where it goes "Dogs like to be with you, because they are dogs - We give dogs ...... (?), because that's what we do"

Nice whimsical tune with whistling. Anyone seen the ad - know the song?

I've been wondering what that was, too. No idea, but it sounds like a ukulele is used... ?
Ok this has been driving me crazy. I know I've heard the whistling part before. You might think this is weird, but the whistling part sounds like the chorus of "I Want A Woman" by Ratt. I know it's just a coincidence that they sound the same.. Just thought I'd share...
Originally posted by crazy supa fly girl@Sep 25 2005, 02:49 PM
here's the commercial

hopefully this will shed light on it. if you want to view other commercials just go to the pedigree website. i like every single song that they have for all their commercials. they really need to start putting up a list of used songs or something :p

anybody know this song yet?
Yeah I know how did the song it was Johann Sebastian Bach (with Yo-Yo Ma). I dont know the song name though sorry. Well I hoped that helped.