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Ok. So there was this PBS commerical for a product. It came out kind of a long time ago but I found it on some website and if someone can help me find the song I would BE SO HAPPY!

The Website
Forget about the song, I want some Pixel Blocks! :lol:

I have no clue on the music, though... sounds like an old video game or something. :unsure:
its bodenstandig 2000 off the album maxi german rave blast hits 3
the track is called pogos abenteuer
how did you see it a long time ago on pbS?
i only finished the commercial in febuary 2004????
I don't know. A Friend sent it to me and said it was old. What do you mean by you finished it? Did you create it?
regardless, the ad can't be that old -- it's got digital cameras and laptops in it. (which i honestly overlooked when i watched it the first time -- too caught up in wanting the toy) anyway, it can't be from the 80-90s, it's got to be fairly recent.
i like it when people are like....smart...not smart; SMAHHHT! :D
i'm kidding? haha :ph34r:
well i do run absurdity.biz
and i did werk fer pixel blocks and make that commercial for
them for this feburary's toy fair
and yes, that is the name of the track
absurd as it sounds
check out bodenstandig 2000
they rock

Absurdity, Shybell. Entrepreneurs don't post at ADTUNES!
are you saying i did something wrong, luke? i only came here cause i noticed thru my web stats that i was getting links, and posted the answer to the question i found. :huh:
No, Shybell, you did nothing wrong I take full responsibility of your actions. Onto a different topic -- does anyone know how to put those earphones that "fit" inside your ear on? I can't put them on right -- they keep falling out!!
thanks luke, haha, ya those are nice, mine were tight enough to stay, got some sony brand like 3 years back, fit like an old headset on airplanes where they had the air tubes that brought the audio to your head from your armrest, rather than electrons