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Does anybody know what song this is and who sang it? Its from the Payless ShoeSource commercial.
I do know that it's a cover of Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order, but I've yet to find out who the female singer is, unless it's a remix of the cover Frente did.

The cover might be by Commercial Breakup, though I'd have to hear it again to be sure.

I don't really remember much about the commercial (what company, etc), except that there is a lot of black in it. The lyrics go:

"Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray."

They're really soft, and I would think that they're sung by a girl. I did some searching and came up with a couple options. Donna Lewis, and Frente. I could be wrong, but if anyone knows anything, I'd like to hear it. Thanks.
That question was already answered here. Look under Payless Shoe Source Commercial.... the song was Bizarre Love Triangle.. originally by New Order. I don't know who the female is who's singing this new remake of it though. Check the other thread, they probably listed it there.
The other thread about the Payless Shoe Source commercial has to do with Luscious Jackson... :huh:
The remake of Bizzare Love Triangle could be Frente's version which Faust mentioned in the first post. Even if it's not... I love that version!

~ Mia ~
After seeing the commercial a few more times, I'm thinking it is probably the version by Commercial Breakup, as I said in the original thread. Hard to say for sure though since it's only about 8 seconds of the chorus. Can't find a link to a sample for this version.

it is a cover of the "Bizarre Love Triangle" song by Frente.
Hope that helps
Originally posted by chchau@Sep 29 2005, 01:12 PM
it is a cover of the "Bizarre Love Triangle" song by Frente.
Hope that helps
No. That's incorrect. The Frente version is a cover song itself. The original song was by New Order in the 1980's. It is correct that the name is "Bizarre Love Triangle" though.

I've heard quite a few versions, and I believe it may be a remix of the Commercial Breakup version. I've only heard the original Commercial Breakup cover, and the voice sounds correct, but the version on the Payless ad sounds like it has more effects on it, sort of like a Trance mix.

According to Commercial Breakup's discography found here, they released a Single of "Bizarre Love Triangle" with a few remixes on it, but I haven't had the chance to hear them. Can anyone confirm if its one of these songs:

-"Bizarre Love Triangle (Johannes Heil Remix)" by Commercial Breakup
-"Bizarre Love Triangle (Elektrö Remix By Lexy & K-Paul)" by Commercial Breakup
-"Bizarre Love Triangle (Single Mix By MJ Lan & Vredus)" by Commercial Breakup


I just heard a version of Bizarre Love Triangle by Commercial breakup, but the voice was cartoon-like although it sounded alike. I like the TV ad version much better. I will keep looking for the right version.
I've listened through numerous covers of this song, but have had no luck finding one with the female vocals from the ad.

Tried to e-mail Payless, but their contact form returned errors on me...

If anyone has any better luck, please post!

Edit: Of all the versions I've heard thus far, Chrystal Method's version is the best, besides the mystery cover from the ad... :p
I called Payless customer service and they told me it's by Joanna Jahn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They also told me it's a remix version.

However, when I looked her up on the internet, it says she is a recording artist for TV ads and such, and I couldn't find her CD on Here is a link for her info. So even though Payless told me it's a "remix version," it's not sold anywhere???????

There is also her website and I could listen to her voice for other commercials, but her voice didn't sound like the singer.... Maybe she was doing the voice for the ad itself? But Payless seemed to link her to the singer of the song.....

Maybe I should call back Payless...
Well, if it is Joanna Jahn who does this version, and it's not a fully recorded song (just the parts used for the ad), we'll have to bombard her with emails telling her to record and release it!

Brian, hope you hear back from her soon - this is driving me nuts! :lol:
The original 80's version of the song is called "Bizarre Love Triange" by New Order. It's on their 1986 album called "Brotherhood". The song is available for download on iTunes.
sung by a girl
commercial involves boots falling from the sky. :huh:
the name of the song is bizarre love triangle,but nobody nows who sings this version (original was done by new order). there are actually two other threads with this exact question.
Get this! I got a reply to my email from Joanna!!!! Here is what she wrote:

From: Joanna Jahn
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 1:59 PM
Subject: Re: Payless Shoes ad song

Thank you for your interest in the song. I have no authority to distribute it. I have passed your inquiry along to the music house that created the song for Payless.
-joanna jahn

I hope Payless would let us download the song from the website or something. I replied to her that a lot of people liked her version of the song and put the link to this forum.
The song goes something like 'every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray' its like a techno-pop type of song I really like it and wish I could find it. I have searched but apparently there is some other payless song that people are beasting over..not cranberries dreams
Yo this has been answered. It's a cover of Bizarre Love Triangle by Frente I believe.

If you use search you can find stuff... it can save you some time.