1. S

    Payless Bogo

    Would anyone know what the name of the song(and the artist) is of the latest Payless Shoe Commercial? I know the lyrics sound like this: Keep it coming love....keep it coming love....stop it now...stop it now.... This sounds like a 70's type of song.....I have been searching for weeks with...
  2. K

    Payless Easter

    Does anyone know the song for the new payless easter commercial? it goes something like "la la la la you know i love you" it's been bugging me like crazy.
  3. P

    Payless "Paris Texas"

    Can anyone tell me the song used in the commercial?
  4. codeman38

    Payless Shoes "Can't Stop Moving"

    Nope, not a request, but a song ID... this one was easily findable by Googling for the lyrics, and I figured I'd share it for everyone else: Sonny J - Can't Stop Moving Official music video: Get it on Amazon or.
  5. D

    Payless ShoeSource

    Looking for a certain song that was played on a payless commercial. i looked through many youtube videos and couldnt find it. Its basicly a techno song, sounds like theres a couple parts with an accordion in it. it used to play on a radio station in north texas 106.7 untill it got converted...
  6. E

    Payless ShoeSource "Photography"

    so i heard it on abc family...i think during that secret life of a teenager show? male, possibly british vocals, sounded like indie/pop/rock music. obviously during a payless shoe source commercial. i think the ad displayed photos being taken in black in white? dang, my memory is shot.
  7. C


    I just saw a Payless commercial... I don't remember much about it. I think there were 2 people walking on a sidewalk at the end, and the lyrics were higher at the end (higher voices). Sounded like a rock song. Does anyone know what song this is?
  8. C

    Payless shoes Bogo

    The Payless Ad I'm interested in sounds nothing like any version of Bizarre Love Triangle... the only other time I heard a similar song to the spot I loved was on a spanish radio station. Does anyone know of another song or have any info on the tv commercial I'm looking for... Thanks!
  9. D

    Payless Easter sale

    Hello. Just did some Googling about this ... This is the recent ad showing a woman driving a yellow Karmann Ghia either trying to stuff in or yank out a giant plush bunny rabbit from the car ... little kids look on laughing at her ... in the one where she's yanking the rabbit out, she even...
  10. R

    Payless shoes

    The commercial where they are putting up a xmas tree( white) and have no topper so the girl puts her gold heels on top. its a Crystal waters song form the "storyteller" cd the song is entitled " I believe I love ya" it sounds like crystal, but theis version is better than the original...
  11. S


    ok in this new payless commercial....there's this woman and a truck (that's all i can remember), and i think i hear the lyrics "it's just like heaven", but it is definetly NOT the song "just like heaven" by the cure. hopefully this commercial will start to come on a lot more! thanks for any help!
  12. L

    Payless Shoesource

    Does anybody know what song this is and who sang it? Its from the Payless ShoeSource commercial.