Pantene Pro V Frizz defense


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Hi, Im looking for the Pantene Pro V Frizz defense commercial music. It aired on Australian television. The song sounds like a male voice saying "Jadore" with some techno in the background. The male voice then repeats french words that sound like Jadore. Near the end of the commerical there is a female voice going "Ahhhh" in tune with the music.

Any help would be fantastic.
Look, dont let this get bumped. Its a great song and i know someone here has to have heard it.
The majority of us are in the US, so that explains the lack of response.

Is the ad online for viewing anywhere that you know of?
Hey a Detroiter or you really a Detroiter or are you just calling yourself that. Because I am a Detroit Detroiter.... I saw the commercial you were talking about today..... Mojomicheal said it had a techno beat....
yesssir! i'm from Detroit & i stay within the city limits, not the burbs :peace:

p.s. sorry, got my pantene commercials confused. i was looking for lovely day & i saw what i wanted to see, completly ignoring the blatent TECHNO references.
lovely day is pretty nice, though...
Oh well cool nice to see another Detroiter on here... West or East.... I am West...