Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker


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There's a commercial that comes on here in Seattle. (I saw it on TLC channel.) I don't know how widely it's broadcasted, and I couldn't find a video of the ad online.

The Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker ad that starts off with a little girl walking through an empty theater towards the curtained stage. Midway to the front, fog began appearing in the seats. There's a general feeling of mystery and excitement building, which is reflected in the soundtrack. It's a somewhat ambient and fantasy-like snippet of a song. When she reaches the stage, the looks under the curtains, to see what the bright light was on the other side. It then breaks into the famous Nutcracker songs and shows videos of the performers.

Does anyone know that song used at the very beginning?

The site related to the ballet is here:
Re: PNB Nutcracker Ad

I am looking for it too....the same song is on NO Reservations with Anthony Bourdain when he is touring the Portland Underground....any help???
The tune is called "Mystic Tryst" by Jim Dooley. He has done the music for the TV show Pushing Daisies. I have heard the music in three different ads this year as well as on the "Medium" show.