Oreo Double Stuff "Train Wreck"


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Hi I need your help
The commercial was titled "train wreck" and involved kids and a dog lying around with the fan on eating oreos. The question I have is, what is the music playing in the background. Its a soft song with a nice tune. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
Have you tried the Oreo website? You might find an answer there (on the site or by emailing them). They even have some of their commercials available online at the site.
Aha! Got an answer --

Hello Lynda Joy Easily Wow,
If you're referring to the version of the Oreo Double Stuff Train Wreck commercial that's on my reel (which I assume you are since the version that went on the air was quickly pulled after there was some speculation that perhaps these kids in fact had the munchies) then it's Nickodemus who's a NY based DJ who does parties on The Frying Pan in New York City. It's from one of the Hotel Costes CDs but I can't remember which one. It's been a while. I'll see if I can dig it up.
Thanks for the kind compliment.
Steve H.

On Aug 19, 2005, at 11:33 PM, girl who could be wrote:
Greetings and salutations.
Must confess to being a rather enormous aficionado of your work.
I would really like to know the artist and title of the music that is playing in the Oreo Double Stuff "Train Wreck" commercial.
Thank you.
- Lynda Joy
The song is 'Cleopatra in New York' by Nickodemus and is on Hotel Costes, Vol. 3