olympic commercial 2004

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i tired look in the fourms 4 another one with this topic, but it kept comin up with errors. :eek: (searchin on this thing is annoyin)lol ;)

the commercial 4 the 2004 olympics, the music is upbeat and it goes "Yeah, and The Crowd Goes Wild" ne body have ne info
thanx :D
Search works for me. I put "olympics" in the search field, and got these results. Is your question answered in any of those threads?
I see it all the time. It's actually an adelphia/olympics ad on my cable. I can only find a country song that's close though and this has a definite rock thing going. Like Def Leppard.
ya i have adelphia too, so i guess adelphia made it up beat 4 that commercial so ppl would wanna see the olympics lol ;)

thanx neways lol

and i tired searchin with olympics and it still came up with errors, i guess it doesn't wanna work 4 me!!
Well I'm pretty sure it's a real song. Maybe even a cover of the country one I found or a live version of the country one that doesn't sound as bad. :lol: to me ;) :p
Don't hate me country fans. :D
:lol: well i guess i'll keep lookin lol, but i will check out the country one cuz i like it lol hahahah ;). country's kool come on heheh, ok well my ice cream meltin gotta eat it lol :p :p bye
:D ya i think it is someone else, cuz it is a lil less up beat than the commerical
thanx 4 the link ;)

What about the NBC commercial that the only part of the song I can hear says "I'm Believin'..." or "I Believe in..." Does anyone know the name of the song and who sings it? It sounds like a woman...but I haven't been able to find anything. HELP! The song sounds good but I just can't find it.