Oliver Twist


Reaction score
Does anyone know the last score of music found in the new Oliver Twist Trailer?

Here is a link that will take you to the Oliver Twist Trailer:


It really looks well done. So if any of you know the answer to my question, I'd be very grateful.

I think that the music from the trailer is a continuous piece that is cut off and then restarted. Just a helpful note.
I, too, would like to know the name of the piece. Most of the time, trailers are released before the movie and score are finished. Sometimes they use music from other movies (i.e. peices from Gladiator) or symphonies. If this is an original peice made for the movie, then we might not be able to until the original movie score is made available to the public.

If the piece is out there somewhere, I would like to know where...
the song your looking for is called Merry Mendelssohn

it's from the non-stop music production library..they do a lot of music for trailers/commercials

Well, now that we know the name of it, where can we go to listen to it...I suppose one would have to purchase the cd...
Thank you for the help, I would also like to know where to get a hold of that piece.
Oliver Twist is going to kick ass!
the music that begins playing from near the end to the end is from rachel portman's nicholas nickleby soundtrack. i'm not sure which track. it's got the main theme from the main titles in it, but that theme is repeated through out the film so many times that it probably appears on every track. rachel portman is doing the soundtrack for oliver twist so no doubt it's her, at least i'm positive it's NN at the end of the trailer.
as for the music at the beginning...

i wouldn't be surprised if it was also nicholas nickleby - rachel portman. they played that kind of music a lot when christopher plummer was shown, as he was the villain.