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I wondered if anyone knew of the song for the Old Spice one where the guy sings "Hot Money" or something like that really badly. It's also featured at the end of a Napster commercial. (they have one guy with this date and he's doing great and this ugly guy with a girl and he messes up till at the end and the song plays)


p.s. Before anyone asks, yes I have searched through all of the old spice topics and all of them are referring to a different commerical.
Originally posted by givemfitz@Jun 8 2005, 12:21 PM
It's not Track 5 is it? Just a guess. Haven't seen it.
No I don't think so. That's based on that clip though so I could be wrong.
Hmmm. Yeah that clip doesn't really have the part that I wanted you to hear. :( It was just a shot in the dark anyway. pro'lly not the song.
Ok, I have the answer to your song.
-Drumroll please...-

It's "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner

I was wondering what it was for a while too, but then I heard it on Q104.3

btw, you'll here him say "I'm hot blooded, can't ya see!, I've got a fever of 103!"

thats probably the part you were wondering about