Old Rock'n'Roll Beer Commercial


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I saw this commercial on the 31st of january but I was listening to the song while they were kayaking and didnt even get the beer brand=(. Please help it was an oldie type rock'n'roll song.
I hope you are thinking of what I am thinking of. It's an older rock song, something from the mid 70's from the sound, singer sounds a bit like a nasal Peter Frampton. It has a very familiar riff too,

Da-Da da DAAAAAA....

G-G-G-A-----E? (plink on a piano or pluck on a guitar)

I've heard this commercial before the Superbowl, but I saw it during it also. I know it was for beer, prolly not Bud. No words, not funny, just a few bars of this song. Driving me crazy.
Y'all don't mean the Busch ads with Lynyrd Skynyrd "Simple Man" do you?
I checked the list of Super Bowl ads and didn't find any beer commercials besides Bud, and none of them with kayaking. I picked out the notes on guitar and didn't recognize anything..
No, that one puzzled me for a while, but that definitely is not it. It's not SKoM, though it does sound kind of Skynardy, almost like the Allman Brothers actually. I can whistle it... but this forum doesn't lend itself to that very well. I don't recall anything about kayaking per se... a very plain commercial, prolly only 15 seconds maybe 30. And I'm pretty sure I'd seen it before, so it was probably not new, hence you not seeing it (or me either) on the various superbowl ad sites- those are all new ads.

I am going to go insane now. I hate when this happens. Hopefully they'll show it again and I can get the beer label for more info. I've checked all the major labels sites' ads, but to no avail.
Dude thnx alot is is Simple Man, I love this song. =) thnx alot
colt45: You're welcome. :)
DrLudicrous: Just go ahead and start a new thread and we'll see what we can do for you..