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Does anyone remember, or even seen this old Greenpeace commercial on the beach and this seal gets released into the ocean? I figured out that the song on the background was by Black, with the song "Wonderful Life" or something, but someone said that "Wonderful Life" by Black is the original version, so if anyone knows this song, does anybody know what the version is called with a FEMALE singing that song with the same lyrics but more with piano and without these old crappy computerized beats? lol (on the commercials it's the female singing one, but I downloaded it and I got the original one, but I want the female one lol)
Well I tried, but it wasn't it, thanks though. There was an album of Lara Fabian which was called "A Wonderful Life" but no song.
The song is on the album!

Full sample here

(Click on Real One icon for first track)
Sorry! I apologize for my stupidity :p but thanks though, that's the one.