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hello all,
i just saw this old navy commercial while i was watching the frasier finale and i was wondering what the name of it is, it's a rap song and it samples that early 90's rap song "daisy dukes" pretty heavily. anyone know the name/artist?
i was wrong about the song that was sampled...it's not "daisy dukes", it's "we are family". dont know how i got that mixed up,LOL :lol:
In the one I've been seeing some of the lyrics ARE daisy dukes. I'll try to get more if I see it again.
no they created the quad city knock sound.... the song was done especially for ONAVY BUT THE GROUP is the 69 boyz!!!!
I'm looking for the song that is in the new Gap commercial. At least I think it is Gap. It is a fast rap song. It reminds me of 69 Boyz or 95 South. I heard the phrase "daisy dukes" and maybe "beach" and "jeep". It played during American Idol last night. I've been searching and can't find the info anywhere. Before anyone posts I can confirm that it is NOT Summer Breeze by Kool and the Gang Ad.

Thank you for any help.
Sorry...that should read NOT 'Summer Breeze' by Seals and Croft OR 'Fresh' by Kool and the Gang.
The song wasn't done especially for Old Navy. It is on their 1996 'Get on up and Dance' Album.
ah but now youve piqued my intrest

what IS the gap ad music

its just some guitar tune playing(maybe an 80's tune?)

while a hot chicks strips multiple shirts off!
Use search. Like this _gap for things with less than 4 letters. ;)
Does anyone know where to find this song? I've searched everywhere and can't find an MP3 of it.