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I got a wild idea. You guys should have like an off-topic "general" forum to talk about commercials and whatever. Or for those poll things. It's just an interesting thought i had. :)
As in, like.. "Hey, did you see that one commercial with the hot guy? Wasn't he HOT??"
That'd be my contribution anyway.. :)
Certainly possible for an "General Discussion" forum category. Are there any other forum topic suggestions?

And an in-page chat feature isn't feasible... They're too hard on the server resources, people don't use them, and many people can't access them (via Java, or whatever).
oOo, cool.
um... i don't know what other kind of forum you could have. That chat sound good except theres only like 2 or 3 ppl online when i'm here, and sometimes even none :p .
Well, I would suggest:
General discussion
Who's that person - like when there's someone in an ad that you want to know more about, post the question and see if anyone can come up with the actor's/actress's name or bio or whatever
Ads we hate - where anyone can bitch about the most annoying commercials (assuming this won't step on any toes)
Ads we love - the favorite ads, based on music, product, whatever
How did they do that? - where maybe we can get some computer experts to de-mystify some of the special effects in the commercials
Retro commercials - to discuss the classic oldies like Bonkers candy commercials, and Fruit Island Cereal, and all the super fun jingles from days of yore ("Show em you're a tiger, show em what you can do, the taste of Tony's frosted flakes brings out the tiger in you!")
I don't know.. just some ideas. I get yacky when I'm tired, so sorry bout the 10 page post..
hmmm... those are some cool forums Melissa :D
especially the ads we hate and ads we love. In fact, it just gave me a good idea for a poll. I'm off to make it now...