O Brother Where Art Thou


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I got the soundtrack for Oh Brother Where Art Thou specifically for the last song in the movie which is O Come Angel band. But in the movie his little girls are all walking in a line at the end and singing this song while they walk past train tracks and then it goes to credits. But the soundtrack just has the version by the Soggybottom Boys and not the version played in the movie. Anyone know if it is possible to get the copy of the one aired in the movie? Beautiful song. Thanks.
Well, after some research it seems that the girls that sang O Come Angel Band in the movie were the Peasall Sisters. So now my question is, anyone know where I can find this song? Can't seem to find it on CD.
Wow, congrats on finding that much out, I actually spent an hour or so look and searching for anything on that song. I only came up with about 5 or 6 sites and that was after some pretty creative searches.
Looks like they have a Website, maybe you can get some info by contacting them and seeing if the song is available anywhere.